Monday, August 3, 2015

Smile! You Are On Transgender Camera!

In an earlier Cyrsti's Condo post, I wrote of my recent public interactions and how  we now have the potential to do more than ever to take the transgender person from a caricature to a living breathing human being. 

As she has a tendency to do, Liz and I had a discussion of the "phenomena"  yesterday. Plus-as I have a tendency to do-I unloaded a hell if I do and a hell if I don't speech. Why aren't we coming any closer to transgender equal rights and more "grass roots" visibility? But, why are all these peeps bugging me about being a trans woman?

Liz is nice to me and starts out mentioning my wonderful personality, engaging mind and (sometimes) my endless flirting. Most certainly all of that does sound wonderful and I am sure my humble self wishes it all was true - but it isn't. 

Similar to many of you, we are all part of the Caitlin Jenner back lash. The public has been educated to a degree about the "T's" of the GLBT loose coalition. So now, perhaps more than ever before, it is contingent on all of us to put our best trans selves forward. 

As far as Liz goes, she still says I can be bought off with home cooking. Friday I took advantage of a lunch invitation with one of our friends. It just so happened she had four boys there -all under 16-maybe the most inquisitive and potentially the most transphobic group of humans there are. After all, we all know the problems (deserved or not) cis men have with trans women.

Forget all of that though-lunch was fantastic!!! Thanks Nancy!!

Checking Your Trans Card?

As I was driving back from Cincinnati today, I began to think about the two young feminine cashiers/baggers at the grocery store Liz and I were checking out at last night.  Both of them were positively falling all over themselves to be nice to me. In fact, I was almost embarrassed. 

This morning I thought-Wow! How times have changed. I am not however naivete enough to believe times have changed for all the transgender community-across the board. Take Cincinnati for example, it's very possible if I am visiting one of the new upscale venues in the downtown "Over the Rhine" district - a trans person or two adds to the true valued diversity of the area. 

But, if I head out 50 miles east of the city, I could just as easily be verbally attacked (or worse).

As I have said here in Cyrsti's Condo, I work as hard as I can in an attempt to garner as much "passing privilege" as possible. Number one, why wouldn't I and number two, I certainly may need it!

Perhaps you have caught the story of a transgender woman finally being tied in with violence in a women's restroom. The problem is - she was attacked by a cis man who followed her into the restroom. That's exactly what we all need, some guy checking out our trans cards and then deciding to beat us up-in the women's room. I know the feeling. In fact, I have a very close genetic friend Min, who has ran restroom "protection" for me in a few situations. (In addition to Liz of course.)

This post though, is not about rest room privilege at all. It is however about the most powerful trans card of all-your personality. More on that next. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Morning Edition"

KerPlunk! Another Sunday edition is hitting your virtual front porch! Here on the banks of the Ohio River we are looking ahead at a pleasant summer Sunday. The "Joe" will be hot this morning! (coffee) Let's get started:

Page One-The Week that Was-or Wasn't: Truthfully, my only real transgender input from the outside world this week came when I had a chance to watch a couple episodes of the Jazz Jennings family documentary. I find Jazz to be adorable, and not just because of her loads and loads of passing privilege. Her family's support is amazing and I have equally laughed and cried during every show.

Page Two Opinion -Do We All Know Each Other? Past Jazz this week,  all I really saw was Greg Louganis appearing on a show plugging his new HBO show. If you remember Louganis- he won gold medals at the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games on both the springboard and platform. He is the only male and the second diver in Olympic history to sweep the diving events in consecutive Olympic Games. And came out as openly gay. One of the questions presented to him was, did he ever meet Caitlin Jenner (another Olympic medal winner.) before she came out or since. He said no and added of course he knew tons about the "Gay" part of the LGBT community, the lesbian "L's" much less and we "T's" even less. But wanted to learn more now. Much the same as my VA doctor told me this week. His son is gay.

Page Three - Different Daughters from the Same Mother? During the past week I received a wonderful note from Shelle concerning my Stiletto's on Thin Ice Book. Shelle and I are Midwestern girls of the same age range who have shared more than a couple hard fought victories to claim our gender rights. Many want to believe trans woman like Caitlin Jenner define transgender activism when in reality it's women like Shelle and so many of you( I haven't met or reached out to) who do the grass roots work. Turning a caricature of us as people into human beings.

Page Four- The Back Page: For those of you that have asked-thanks! I am feeling better and yes life is but a circle the Goddess sends us on. I thought about finish this edition up with the old clique "Whatever doesn't kill you, will just make you stronger." Well "I ain't dead yet" and thanks for stopping by the Condo!!!!! 

A Life in Gender Flux