Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Star Gazing"

With the holiday and all this week, I have been a "little behind" with everything.  Ironically, with the way I have been eating and HRT, I won't have a "little behind" for long!  This week, my stars - and those of you fellow Libra's,  have grounded us a bit! Read on Condo-Ites!

(September 23-October 22): Angry thoughts will come in and out of your head, but that doesn’t mean you have to be distracted by every one of them. Using your honey or your BFF as your barometer of focus now will be a big help. Although you don’t want anyone judging you, it’ll be your own voice that will be the most untamed and will require a slap or two in the face with some straight up truth.

Well, my "untamed voice" has been a part of me as sure as my gender dysphoria, so that is not a problem!

My choice this week for "guest sign" is Taurus!

 (June 21-July 22): You’re going to have one of those weeks when all of a sudden it’ll feel good to just let it out. Ramble on with your opinions and all the nitty-gritty details of your neurosis and everything that bothers you about the people around you. Yes, gossiping is good now and if you give it, you will get it. Sure, it’ll give you a bad rep among few, but when did being controversial ever scare you?

Don't forget kids, if we missed your sign this week, don't despair.  Go to theFrisky for yours!  

Cyrsti's Condo "Movin Picture Show" Revue

Lately, I have found that 3 in the morning has been a wonderful time to wake up-if I want to or not.  Last night (or this morning) at 3 am I found myself watching The Crying Game from 1992. If you are not familiar, one of the central plot characters in the movie was a young transgender woman named Dil. She was played by a very androgynous male actor by the name of Jaye Davidson.  

As I revisited the movie and even though it has been years since I have seen it, I was surprised about how little I remembered about parts of it. Normally, I have a tendency to remember everything concerning my old days of cross dressing and any public references to it.  The movie Tootsie is an example.

I think the reason now is that I don't remember parts of the "Crying Game" is a reflection on how I have changed.  In 1992 I was totally wrapped up in how convincing Davidson looked as a trans woman.  His legs, hair, outfits etc.  But last night, I watched it from an emotional viewpoint.

The difference was , since the movie, I have lived many of the problems Dil was experiencing as she attempted to build her life as a woman. I knew the hidden hurt and how strong she appeared on the outside were all just acts.

The scene in particular got to me the worst though, was one I did remember. What happened was, when the man who eventually became her love interest in the movie found out she was trans (after he had kissed her several times) - threw up. I cried for her because something similar happened to me years ago. Even though she was resigned to it and wasn't crying for herself.

That is as much of the Crying Game plot I'm giving away for those of you who haven't seen it.  If you haven't, I always liked it because the sub plot of a young transgender woman lover wasn't the plot, but rather intertwined with all the others.

Just make sure you have some pop corn handy and maybe a tissue or two!

Not Front Page Yet...

If you are able to locate the September 2014 issue of Glamour Magazine-do it!  Every time I open a Glamour I am fairly sure I get an extra dose of estrogen for the day. 
Flip back to page 257 and you will see a very smiling picture of model Geena Rocero. (left)  Everyone knew she was a model, but had no idea she was transgender. In this article she tells Susan Dominus why she risked her dream career to go public.

If Geena's feature wan't enough, Glamour went on to feature several other of the transgender women who have made headlines this year and called it "The Year of Transgender Power." Below you can check out my scanned version of it, but you may be able to go to "Glamour's" site linked above and find more.

At the risk of not sounding totally obvious, finding this sort of layout in this sort of magazine was simply wonderful!  We are coming a long way-baby!

Cyrsti's Condo "Cover Girl" of the Day

Kim ZuluagaOur feature cover today is the androgynous male model Kim Zuluaga

A Trans Woman in a Man's World