Monday, December 22, 2014

What Would Mao Think?

Bobbie sent this along from Foreign

Over the past 30 years, Chinese society has undergone an evolution in traditional morality perhaps as rapid and unsettling as its economic boom. Yet sexual orientation and gender identity have retained a strong aura of cultural taboo. Same-sex marriage remains illegal, and many LGBT individuals enter into traditional marriages in order to assuage social and family expectations. But even that is changing, as LGBT communities haveflourished in China’s sprawling metropolitan centers such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. Now a widely published scholar and well-known proponent of same-sex marriage has revealed her own relationship with a transgender man, a revelation that has taken Chinese social media by storm.
Li Yinhe, a public intellectual with a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh who writes frequently on sexuality, revealed Dec. 18 on the Sina blogging platform that she is in a relationship with a transgender man whom she does not name, and that they have lived together for the past 17 years, starting in mid-1997.* The revelation was all the more unexpected given Li’s prior marriage to the renowned male novelist Wang Xiaobo; many in China had continued to view Wang’s untimely death of a heart attack in April 1997 as a romantic tragedy that left Li an ever-grieving widow. Li’s Dec. 18 revelation has already been viewed over 600,000 times, garnered over 7,000 comments, and has been widely republished in mainstream news outlets including Tencent and QQ. Li also posted the blog to her one million followers on Weibo, China’s massive microblogging platform; within 24 hours, it had been shared more than 33,000 times with more than 10,000 comments.
The shear size of China's population alone means when it makes a statement-it makes a big splash. If you are of age though, you will remember the Marxist Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung . Furthermore you may remember how cool it was (in the non establishment sort of way) to carry and/or have a copy of Mao's Little Red Book.  Even if you never read it.

So, when I read stories such as this, I know the world has come a long way. The article is quite complex and has a few corrections. Go here for more.

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Paula and Mandy both commented on the Cyrsti's Condo post Historical Blond (hysterical?):

Paula GoodwinDecember 22, 2014 at 4:22 AM
  1. The Blond Bombshell is still an aspiration for some of us! As my natural colour became lighter (grey) I found that using a wig of my original colour (Dark Brown) no longer looked natural as my skin tones had changed as well. However the grey did age me so I have just gone blond, being the wrong side of 50 I was a little worried what people would think when I was pretending to be a bloke, but so far no negative comments.
  2. Lucky you! Blonde would be nice....

    Every time my hair gets lighter, I get comments from my wife, which lead me to darken it up. She definitely rebelled at the highlights I tried...and it took several months for them to completely disappear!

    So I just stick with as close to my natural color (back in the day, since I'm gray now) as I can get.
  3. Thanks ladies!  Looking back, I can see when I tried to go very blond was a mistake (I looked like a bloke, Paula) but going with a honey blond shade, I began to come and go in society.  My wife however, disliked any shade of blond on me- which (looking back) I think had more to do with her prejudice against other genetics than me. Also Paula, I'm a firm believer in NOT following the hair length rules and color shades on women of age.  Do your thing, own it and society will too-unless you are squeezed into a mini skirt and 4" heels in the mall. 
  4. Mandy, sounds like you may be going through what I went through.  I am lucky Liz wants to play with my hair as much as I want to experiment with it.  The whole process is fun because it fits my shortened attention span! 

Androgyny and the Trans Girl

One piece to the transgender transition journey is the time a person spends being androgynous.  The gender "never-never land."  I find it a relatively frustrating place to be on occasion. I know where I am going but I'm  like a kid in the back seat asking parents every half hour, "are we there yet?"

Also, androgyny offers a certain seduction to other human critters.  On the negative side, it leads to people being scared,  bullied and violence.

Until I can make the final jump into the girl's sandbox, I am stuck with a certain amount of androgyny.  The amount of attention I get on occasion is fun and other times tedious but (I hate this line) - it is what it is.  I wanted this, love this and here I am.  Interestingly, this weekend, I felt a real live "period" . Without the obvious happenings of course, my breasts were hard and sore and I felt out of sorts all weekend. Over the past couple of years, I have felt these feelings over a period of time (no pun intended) but never a condensed time period.  Believe me, I'm keeping track of the dates to see if I am on some sort of monthly cycle. Heading back to my androgyny subject matter, I know generic males have their own type of period too!

Also I know more than a few of you Cyrsti's Condo regulars will the like the touch of a gender androgyne. Enjoy a pix of the Russian MtF androgynous model  Andrew Gordiychuk.- rocking a hot shade of red lipstick and nails!  Find more on the New Male Fashion site here.

Cyrsti's Condo "Cover Woman of the Day"

Our feature cover today is the classic transgender female impersonator Coccinelle ( Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy) who underwent SRS in Casablanca circa 1958.

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