Friday, September 19, 2014

From the Cyrsti's Condo Archives: Jessica Lam

This is a positively ancient Larry King video from 2007:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

What the Hell is Pinterest?

As Pinterest pertains to the public as a whole, it is a fun place to literally "scrapbook" your pictures and swap images with like minded folks.

Of course, as in most things involved with our community, if you haven't explored Pinterest, have tons of time to view what seems to be thousands upon thousands of pictures of cross dressers, trans women, fakes and transsexual porn stars.

Along the way, through osmosis, I began to use and think of my Pinterest in a different way.  First of all, I use it for my smart arse comments, and on a serious nature attempt to spotlight transgender women and men in our world who are making a difference.  Then, I began to notice the quotes which show up there. You have seen a few of them here in Cyrsti's Condo.  Then, I began to "pin" any item I list in my Etsy shoppes to my Pinterest boards.  Then, I began to add my other interests (such as vintage pinups) - among other things such as recipes.  In other words, not related at all to the fact I am a transgender woman.

All of the sudden, I have "civilians" repining some of my non trans related pins to their boards...which means at some point, they might look at my whole page which still is heavily accented with transgender activity.

I'm wondering now, if in some way, I have found a different means to educate another person in the world or two that there are many of us who are just regular people- with many different interests other than all the other thousands of pictures they see. They have no way of knowing the differences in our community and it's natural to lump together most of the crazy pictures of the guy down the hall in a dress.

Of course, I will never really know, but at the least I wonder if the person who pinned one of my vintage garden tool posts will think "Hey she's a transgender woman and she has the same interests as me! I love her taste in recipes, vintage art, antiques and even tattoo's!"

It's just a brief moment for me to show them , I'm so much more than just a trans woman.

Don't be a Boob?

As expected (in a good way) our breast discussion around here in Cyrsti's Condo continues on it's merry ol way.  After all, no matter how you view them, breasts have a major impact on how a woman views her femininity and how a man views her period.

JAlanaS though, came up with a whole different perspective:  While having an appropriate chest size is key to decent feminine presentation, I find proper chin hair is even more important. Let's be honest, the biggest fail is showing up as the "Bearded Lady" That'll get you ID'ed/outed quicker even if you do have a good sized rack. I "augment" my natural A's with A-to-B filler pads. So that said, I'd spend my money on electrolysis long before the silicone implants, although a D-cup would look about right on my frame.

I'm with you JAlana.  In fact, I have shopped around for electrolysis prices a couple of times.
"Bearded Lady Miriam"
I'm fortunate though because I don't have a lot of facial hair and most of it has turned gray. The good news is, with a close shave, and a little foundation - I'm ready to go. The bad news is, I'm not a candidate for laser hair removal because of my gray hair. **Hint- If you haven't found it here on the blog, there is a before picture of me with a goatee.

My problem is, I dearly hate to wake up in the morning with the same old scratchy stubble on my face when the rest of my body is clearly feeling the effects of HRT feminization. As of yet, I have been unable to "scratch" (no pun intended) up the money yet to begin my planned electrolysis. 

Finally, my only comment to JAlana's is, style wise, most certainly go to your strengths. (Stana's legs.) But don't over do it and try to "manufacture" too many strengths. Example?  If you are going with big breasts and good cleavage-don't pair the look with a short leg baring skirt. (And look like a street walker!) Plus most certainly, I would not go under the knife for breast enhancement before electrolysis either.   

Cyrsti's Condo "Makeup Moment"

If you saw me most of the time, you would probably think "she must have taken only a moment to put that makeup on and maybe she could have spared two moments?"

Regardless of all of that,I always read with interest a review or two on price/quality deals from makeup pros which fit my budget.

New York ColorThis one comes from Yahoo and covers 47 dollars worth of products including this one from New York Color:


Discover NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact, the all-in-one compact with everything you need for a complete eye look: primer, illuminator, applicator and complementing shadows. With four colors, specially coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color, you can create a look as individual as you are. Make your eyes pop! $4.99

Here was the review:
This modestly priced product is a potential powerhouse“It has great matte colors, a highlighter cream, and also an eye shadow base. That base could take away some dark circles on the inner corner of the eye and the highlighter could be used on the tops of the cheekbones,” Dubroff (makeup artist) says. “This was a happy discovery!” 

As I said there are more ideas here.

Certainly, getting the most bang for your buck is important when any woman (transgender or not) is shopping for makeup but getting a great deal is a bigger plus for the beginning cross dresser.  Unless you are one of the rare CD's who has access to a make up "mentor" to get you started, experimentation is very important. These ideas give you an idea of how to purchase a few "essentials" without spending big money to do it!

A Trans Woman in a Man's World