Sunday, August 20, 2017

Transgender Minutia

If you are a fledgling transgender woman or cross dresser just beginning to make your way in the world, one of the more important male habits which can get you outed  is how you eat.

While cis women vary widely in eating habits, we trans girls are not afforded the same luxury. We just have to be better.

Various tips include, cutting food in smaller bites and tilting your head slightly as you eat. Plus, by all means don't shovel your food in! That giant hamburger needs to be cut and maybe even eaten with the help of a fork. Depending on where you are, or who you are with, those chicken wings may not be such a good choice.

Eating usually interferes with lipstick too, so care should be taken. Plus how women eat is considered to be sensual by more than a few cis men.

All of these tips are learned by cis girls growing up, but again, we transgender and or cross dressers never had a chance to learn. After all, eating like a girl got you the unwanted "sissy" label.

"Bon appetite" !

Friday, August 18, 2017

All Quiet on the Midwestern LGBT Front?

These days, quiet can only be counted in days and the accused terrorist killer in Charlottesville, actually is from the Northern Kentucky area around Cincinnati and was living near Toledo, sometimes quiet can be deceiving. And, while we are on the subject, my sympathies go out to the victims of the Barcelona, Spain terrorist attack. Sad and tragic, again. The world is a wreck.

On my personal side, I have several appointments coming up, including a group get together tonight which is not a transgender specific group.

Also, next week, I have my fluid levels checked (blood work) Tuesday at the Veterans Administration hospital and a visit with my therapist on Thursday.

My wardrobe has been checked and rechecked for the visits, so all should be good. Knock on wood!

Where ever you may be world wide, I hope you are safe too, and your LGBT life is allowed to be a bit boring!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The "Hatter" and Other News

Due to increased interest, I am passing along the web site to "Fashionable Hats" here. This site may offer more answers to questions concerning sizes, styles and even "unisex" hats! I personally love a stylish hat!

womens summer hats | sun hats

In other news, perhaps you have heard or read Texas's inane B.S. transgender bathroom law, has died...for now and hopefully forever. Once again it seems, many large corporations have come to our rescue, along with many others.

During my visit to the Veteran's Administration hospital in Dayton, Ohio yesterday, my therapist spent ten minutes reassuring us, there would be no changes in transgender veteran care. Someone added "for now" and that is probably the best we can do right now with the so called president we have in Washington.

So, regardless. the transgender community still is having victories in this bleak time.

Good news is good news!

A Life in Gender Flux