Monday, May 2, 2016

From New Zeiland

Transwoman Dakota Hemmingson not so long ago, she had a better job – as a hairdresser at a barber’s shop in Auckland, New Zealand.
Dakota Hemmingson is has been a hair dresser for eight years and has recently started the transiting to a womanUnfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when she told her employer she wanted to fully transition to being a woman and was “forced out of her job” at Barkers Groom Room.
Ms Hemmingson took her fight to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) claiming unjustified dismissal and has now been cleared to pursue a claim against her former employer, Matthew Swan.
The ERA judgment said she had received a letter prepared and signed by Mr Swan that said: “It would be in the best interests for both yourself and the business to end your employment with Mensworks and Barkers Groom Room effective immediately.”
I understand a picture is but a picture, but how many guys would mind having their hair cut by Dakota? Then again, she may make a lot of them the name "Barker's Groom Room?" Do you drop your dog off for a shave/cut while you are there?
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

"JJ's" Sunday Edition

Ker Plunk! Listen up, another Sunday edition is hitting your front porch,

Weather report:  So far so good for the huge marathon here in Cincinnati (approx 40,000 peeps), but later on, storms return. I know, again, much of this country has seen it's share of nasty weather and we are sending out positive vibes to you!

Let's grab a "cup o joe" (coffee) or tea and get started,

Page One: the Week that Was or Wasn't: As I look back on the week, all I can say - it was tedious. Normally every morning my E-mail fill's up with at least 50 or so emails on the transgender LGBT restroom battle. All I can say is if any rational human being would stop and try to listen to us, we are not men using women's facilities. We are not the predators and I will leave it at that.

Page Two: Yesterday's Coffee: ChaChanges . Spring is the time to shake things up and move into a house from the Condo-so, here we are. Plus, as we were adding a new picture with shorter hair, I figured it would be just a good of time to put my new name in too. J.J. actually are my initials which my grandkids switched to from granddad. It works well for them so it works for me. Plus, I can line it up almost with "you can call me Ray or you can call me J!"

Page Three: Back Page: Well kids, lots to do today so it's going to be a short version. Remember I love you and thanks for stopping by! ...JJ

Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Got Mail

Thanks to you all for sending in your input to "JJ's House"! Yes I finally added a new picture and decided to add a new title at the same time. Thanks for your patience!!!

Now on to the input:
First from Paula in Great Britain. For me this puts the USA on a similar footing to Russia and Uganda as travel destinations, it is all so sad.

Sad is correct Paula but this is yet another mini revolution. This one though is fueled by the fact that we transgender people have been tossed under the bus by a group of radical right wingers. Spare me the rant! Plus, what has exasperated the whole situation is the trans population's potential power, exposure and even popularity.

The only thing the right wing has found to fire up a largely backwards group of the country is the restroom non issue. Also it is a proven fact most of the largest religions are losing their memberships slowly.

Finally, you have to keep in mind we are a big nation, so many areas simply are and will be easier to move around in as LGBTQ peeps. An example is I can move around easily where I live on the East side of Cincinnati but a little over 50 miles East of us are where the eight people were killed in the rumored drug cartel murders. Rural and mean.

Then there is Donald Trump, Paula, as far as trans people go, I think we barely show up on his radar. After all, he told Caitlin Jenner to use what ever restroom she wanted in the Trump Tower.

It's going to be a down and dirty time between now and fall elections in America with a lot at stake for all transgender women and trans men.  

A Life in Gender Flux