Thursday, July 24, 2014

Waitin'-Wishin' and Hopin'

I was going to "expand" on my previous post on the perils of "old rubbers"  and it turns out a comment from Maggie Pope provided the perfect lead in!

That would be crazy doing the waiting hoping that someone cool shows up,
Great Story & thanks for sharing...

Thanks Maggie!!!!

Looking back, I think being stranded on the side of the road cross dressed as a woman was one of my first - most realistic looks of what women really go through in their lives. First of all, you have to worry about your own security.  What "good Samaritan" might stop by and not be so good quickly.  Second of all, being stranded is a really good way to attract the attention of a cop who happens by (doesn't have to be bad though-could be worse!) Last but not least, as I have written in the last Cyrsti's Condo post, the attitude of who picks you up for a tow or changes your tire has wildly fluctuated for me over the years.

Of course the feminizing effects of HRT and the confidence to be myself as I have transitioned has eased the pressure somewhat, but past experiences (not unlike rest room nightmares) just stay with me.

The worst I mentioned.  The driver was so evil, the company had to send someone with him.  He was scary and of course it was at night and i had to ride in the cab with him until he got my car home.  Then there was the driver who talked all the way about having a family remember who was gay or "like me." He was a little goofy but harmless.  Then there was the driver (along with the sheriff) who refused to pay attention to any ideas I had on how to get to my house.  It was my first real first hand experience of losing intelligence as I changed genders.

As a point of reference, I do need to point out all of these experiences have happened over 7 or 8 years.

I do think the most frustrating flat tire I ever had was after a particularly blissful afternoon at the salon and as I was riding the crest of just knowing I had reached an all time high of being beautiful- BOOM! Momma Karma comes along and says "wait girly girl" this flat tire will bring you back down to earth!  You know too, you can't argue with "Momma"!

Old Rubbers Keep You in the Gutter

I'm am the first to admit, during the many years now I have been behind the wheel of car, I have been legendary for not driving on the best tires.

Recently though, I have been trying to clean up my act and actually up grade my tires and yes, even buy a new one every now and then.  If there is such a thing as "tire karma", it caught up with me the other day.  I had a flat (only on one side) on literally one of the best tires I have owned for awhile. Yes, I know it is sad I can remember.

As a back up plan, I shell out money for a membership to a certain well known road side auto service, who by the way, has been a life saver for me over the years.  It's been a guilty pleasure of mine to stand back and watch a guy change my tire- BUT!  The process of getting him there and doing it has been scary a couple times.

Years ago, I had one driver who had to tow my car some distance and basically refused to because of me, until they made him do it. (You may remember it from an older Cyrsti's Condo post.

Anymore though, the only real issue is the lack of me presenting a feminine voice on the phone.  I just do a terrible job and for some reason just haven't put the work into a transitioning my voice the way I have the rest of my body...on the phone. Yes, I have read the thousand ideas on how to do it but I'm lazy and my friends accept me the way I am.

Back to the phone situation...I called the service and gave them my very female name and all the info about where I was and was mis-pronouned all the way.  Didn't care, just wanted my tire fixed! Plus the person was professional and polite. I certainly didn't feel the need to get into a conversation about transgender women!

As I was left to wait and worry though about what sort of driver was going to show up to fix my tire (on a hot humid evening)  I think my blood pressure was near a boiling point.

Turns out I didn't have to worry.  He cheerfully fixed my tire, needlessly explained why he thought such a fine piece of engineering blew out and - called me mam.

Again I was allowed to enjoy watching a man do all the heavy lifting for me, although I don't recommend the process! Although I seeming have a real need to do things the hard way, this wasn't one of them!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cyrsti's Condo "Remembers"

Aleshia Brevard, Actress, Writer, Director, Professor, and the first transsexual in primetime TV:

Follow the link above to her website!

Draco and the "Girls"

To clarify, the Draco in this post is my trans man friend and "the girls" are my breasts.

The reason I'm bringing Draco up again is he is having his FtM top surgery in a couple days.  For those of you who do not know what that is- he is surgically having his breasts removed.  At the same time of course that I am celebrating mine.  I wish him all the best of course and marvel at all he has taught me- if he knows it or not.  To catch all you newer Cyrsti's Condo visitors up, Draco and I go way back and essentially started to transition at the same time- although he has gone way past where I am. (Damn testosterone! :) )

From the first time I met Draco, he just didn't register female at all although I think he was struggling in the lesbian gray area sometimes called "Super Butches". Now his face is squaring off, his voice is going through puberty and if he isn't shaving's coming soon.  Good for him!

Being the gentleman that he has always been, he did offer to let me have his breasts.  But somehow, medical science hasn't caught up with that yet!  I do marvel though, at how breasts go so far in defining a gender.  He needs his gone to define him as a man and of course when I wake up in the morning with the girls, my mind thinks this is the way I was always supposed to be. And, how are the girls?  Since my two mammograms, much has happened. The first is my girls seem to be less dense and  filling out more in all directions. I'm noticing more development under my arms and in the area between the girls primarily.

So thanks anyhow Draco for your offer to share - you know I appreciate it!

I will be thinking of you the next couple days and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!! I know you have waited a long time!!!

A Trans Woman in a Man's World