Saturday, July 23, 2016

Alana McLaughlin

In a story all too familiar with many of us...Another ex-special forces U.S. soldier reveals her inner battle to accept her true identity,
Alana McLaughlin served her military time hiding the fact she was living the ultimate lie-gender.
As you can see, she has transitioned well.
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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Perhaps you have heard the National Basketball Association (NBA) has decided to move the 2017 All Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The state still persists in holding on to it's LGBTQ law overall and it's anti transgender restroom bill in particular.

The best part is North Carolina's pain over this bigotry isn't close to being over as the AAC Sports Conference is considering the same move.

Salutes to the NBA and may the ACC follow in their footsteps until this craziness is over.

And, speaking of crazy, "The Donald"struggled mightily to work some kind words about the LGBT community into his Republican Presidential acceptance speech last night. At the same time I am sure he knew of his party's completely anti LGBT platform.

I wonder how Caitlin Jenner would spin that-oh I did see her head spinning 360 degrees on her shoulders a couple times.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Is Transgender - Guest Post

From Connie:

"I think we can all call ourselves whatever we want. The term "transgender" is what others will still use for us, however. I like the shortening of the word to "trans", only because, for me, it is actually short for "transcended". My current state-of-being is not the result of a "crossing over" of gender, rather it has come from an awareness that defies any explanation. Learning to accept that awareness has been the most difficult part, but once I began accepting myself as the person I really always was, other people began to see me the same way. 

A few years ago I landed a role in a community musical production, in which I played a female. I asked the director why I had been chosen over other cis females, and she told me, simply, "I only see you as Connie; there is no reason to think anything more about it." She didn't want me for the part because I could act like a woman, but because a could act AS a woman. The fact that my character was a sort of "washed-up lounge singer" who was running from her past may have been type casting, however. :-) 

My big number, which closed the first act, was entitled, "The Girl I Am", wherein my character revealed her true identity without reservation. This is all coincidence, mind you, as the part and the song had been written long before I had been considered for the part. The director had not even given thought to what was an obvious parallel to me. So, I transcended through that experience from the realization that I am seen to be who I am by, at least, some other people, and that the more I forget the "transgender" nonsense, the more I am accepted (by others and myself)."


A Life in Gender Flux