Monday, September 26, 2016

Biker Girl (Archive Post)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Biker girl?

I have been frequenting a couple of the casual chain bar/restaurants in the area for over ten years. On my first visit, I was so scared I took a seat next to a supporting post around the bar and tried to blend with it! Nothing in my closet that screamed Oak, so that didn't work.

I lived that night and found out the world wasn't trying to destroy me and continued to return. In fact, a couple of the bartenders that have waited on me since the beginning are still there!

I also became pretty good "buds" (no not the beer) with the crew of the companies' other unit. I ended up one night sitting next to one of the bartender's sister. I had heard stories about the exotic "stripper sis" and wasn't sorry! She was exotic with some well placed tats. Her other job was as a hairdresser and she proceeded to tell me how much she loved crossdressers and gave me some tips on my appearance. She even went as far as inviting me to sister #3's bachelorette party. (another story)
Her husband was always with her. He was a big guy with a classic Triumph bike and the look to go with it. He ran a lumber yard. What a threesome!
The only problem was she loved to trade shots and the extra Jaeger and Tequila was hard to survive!

About three months later, she broke up with her husband. I guess exotic strippers have a hard time with monogamy? One night after the breakup, he came in with about three other friends that I knew..
Regardless of his decision making process with women, the poor guy was heartbroken. I tried to lend some support the best I could and away I went.
A week later, he was in the bar again and came over to sit next to me. Much to my (and the bartender's amazement) he was really interested in talking about things like his bike and music. He was leaning into me ever so slightly and added some light touches. He had to be at work early the next morning, gave me his cell number and left. He never asked for mine.

One of the bigger mistakes I've made is that I never called him. Only saw him once after that and he moved away.

At that point in my life my profile would have read "no men" After my brief encounter with him, I changed that profile. Ever so briefly I connected with a person who shared many of the same interests with me. Ever so quickly, I never tried to see the gentle bear of a guy again.
All of a sudden spending time with a guy wasn't such a bad thought.
I often wondered what that ride on the back of his Triumph would have been like!

Saturday, September 24, 2016


As you all read the next four posts or so, please remember I won't be available for comments for a week and these posts were all from 2010 and a lot can change, and does!!!!

Thanks :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Spiritual Fall?

Even though we are expecting high's near 90 today here in Ohio, we observed the "Autumnal Equinox yesterday. It's like Momma Summer is saying "It ain't over, until it's over kids!"

This morning though, the "animal kingdom" around me is stepping up it's preparations for seasonal changes. As I was just writing, a squirrel nearly ran over my foot retrieving a well hidden walnut as a crow made it's loud presence known over head.  All of this under a half moon still visible in a crystal clear blue morning sky.

I could go on but then I am reminded why I am supposed to be writing this blog to begin with, everything transgender.

Possibly, the effect of HRT has made me more in tune with the world around me. I have always thought the world became more "layered" with colors, temperature etc than when I lived as a guy.

Next week, I am going to present some of the earliest blog posts I did here and maybe you can see too the changes I have gone through. Like most everyone else, I was very much into the clothing "passing" aspect of exploring if I wanted to make the jump from cross dresser to transgender.

In the meantime, I am going to resume packing for the trip!

Can't wait :)

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