Friday, May 26, 2017

I Will Take a Compliment When I Can Get It!

A couple days ago, it was time to visit my Endo Doc again and get my estrogen patches re-upped again. I don't see him thankfully about every six months, so he notices breast size changes etc.

As he looked me over, he said "Well, you are certainly starting to feminize more." I told him that was music to any transgender woman's ears and thanks!

Even though I know I will never get totally to where I want to be, I was able to hold my head up a little higher on the way out of the hospital.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How Thick is What?

Well, my first transgender bone denisty scan has come and gone. It in fact was very easy and only took about 20 minutes. I decided on an even slightly different "metal-less" outfit when I found my Jeggings. If you are not familiar, they are leggings designed to look like jeans and worked well with a loose gray tunic top I have. The top fits well enough so I can get away with not wearing a bra, along as Liz doesn't catch me. So I felt comfortable and at least a little sexy at the same time. Who knows, some of the old guys at the VA Hospital may have enjoyed it too.

Jeni wrote in with another take on the situation: "I've had a number of bone mineral density tests over the years. They're easy. 

The thing with calcium uptake is, it's not how much calcium you are consuming, but how well it is able to get into your bones. 
That is my big hassle. 
The key there is vitamin D3. Because of the pre-existing problems with my bones, I have to take a moderate dose of that daily to aid calcium uptake.

Crop-top bras are great for these tests. No metal at all to worry about.

As for pants that depends on the temperature. 
Colder days, elastic waist jeans. No metal zips, clips, buttons or rivets.
Summer, three-quarter length, elastic waist, cream linen pants.

As for tops, whatever co-ordinates well, that has no metal.
I tend to wear my blue or green t-shirts, as that allows me to also wear my blue, green, and white bead necklace which has no metal at all.

White sandals completes the outfit for hot days, while black shoes are the go for cooler days."

And, Connie added: " 
I've had to undergo a couple of MRIs and a CT scan, and they've always made me change into a hospital gown. The problem I have with metal, though, is that all of my wigs have a small piece of metal at the temples. You don't have that problem, of course, but I have had to bring a turban to avoid the embarrassment of going into the machine with a bald head. I'm overdue for a lobotomy, though, so I don't know what I'll do after I get that metal plate on my skull. :-)"

Thanks Ladies!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Girl Has to Have Choices...Right?

Wednesday is my first bone density test as ordered by one of my doctors. Seeing as how I am 67 and on estrogen, I need to see if I am getting enough calcium in my diet so my bones don't become brittle.

For the test, I have been directed to wear nothing with metal, including buttons and zippers. What came to mind was a couple different outfits I have with longer tops (to cover private bulges) and leggings. One is a gray and black theme, the other, a pastel top with bright clored leggings. Both of which would work well with my black flats.

I am even going to wear one of my sports bras who don't have any metal hooks either.

So I beleive I will cover all the rules and have some fun doing it.

So, another milestone in being a "more mature" transgender woman, will have been reached along with my mammograms.

A Life in Gender Flux