Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HorrorScope "Smootches"!

In the history of out "Horrorscopes" here in Cyrsti's Condo over the last one hundred years- this maybe one of the better "scopes"

"Libra (September 23-October 22): There are a lot of sloppy kissers around you now, so beware. Some prospects do need time before you can cozy up to them, so hold back the horniness now. Build the anticipation instead, as it will do wonders for a hookup that should be rad, but right now would only be bad. Although sunrise screwing may sound passionate, in this case, meeting for breakfast is sexier."

I'm very sure this is one of those "no comment" scopes- only to be upstaged in theFrisky by Michael Douglas's speculation on the cause of his throat cancer. I'm thinking not approved by the medical community.

Perhaps your scope will be as interesting! Go to theFrisky to learn!

**The Horrorscope" term is my own!

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