Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eye Candy

 Thai contestant Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin was crowned Miss International Queen 2016 on Friday at a contest billed as the world's largest and most popular transgender pageant.
The 25-year-old beat 24 other contestants for the crown, with the second and third place going to contestants from Brazil and Venezuela, respectively.
The pageant, which brings together transgender people from around the world, was launched over a decade ago to help transgender women feel more accepted by society, 
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  1. From the article: "The contest, in its 12th year, was held at the Tiffany's nightclub in the Thai seaside town of Pattaya, which is famous for its transvestite cabaret. Like other beauty pageants, contestants paraded in national costumes, evening gowns and swimsuits."

    Transvestite cabarets and parading around are two things that do not make me feel like I am being accepted by society - not how I want to be, anyway.

  2. I actually was in Pattaya when I was in the Army for a short time. You could tell who the "professional" lady boys were versus the regular "citizen" girls.

    1. What I meant to say, there were a class of "katoeys" who were like regular women trying to run their life the best they could. Many people think all Thai's are the glamours ones they see. Which isn't true.


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