Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's in a Name?( Cyrsti's Condo Archive Post)

You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, just don't call me he, sir or buddy and by the way my male name was not Chris!

Over the past couple of years the name game became "uber" important to me as I reworked my life and gender. Following a couple false starts with Cyrsti's Condo (Transnation), I finally said to hell with it and called this production a condo.  If you must know, the condo is actually a big 1860's vintage brick ex commercial building which has housed saloons, general stores and boarding houses over the years. Somehow I didn't think all of that would make for a catchy name!

I also faced the bigger decision on renaming myself to reflect my transitioning status from cross dresser to transgender woman. I was positive my long blond wigs and the name Roxie had to go.   Looking back on my decision, the only mistake I made was I really didn't give Cyrsti enough thought. Essentially,  I was looking for a middle of the road feminine name so I adopted Kristy and changed the spelling but "Jessie" would have been a better personal choice because it was a family name and I loved the sound of it.

The whole name game is one of the most interesting and important facets of our transitions.  In reality it matters not if you feminize your male name, borrow an old girlfriends, or adopt a family name. My only warning is to be careful, you may be surprised how quickly your new name can become entrenched in the world! Quickly, There became no way possible I could ever switch to Jessie!

Never say never, because I did it anyhow!


  1. I call this game, TUNE THAT NAME - "I can be who I am in 3 names!"

    I've varied only my last name over the years, which I did to be anonymous, for the most part. When I changed to the legal name, though, there was no question that I'd retain my original last name. I was committing myself to a new life, but I was so very much invested in my past life (family). It seemed disingenuous to change my last name.

    Whatever names we've used in the past, we can expect them to go on long after we may have arrived at our true one. I'm still getting junk mail for names that come off of mailing lists from some mail-order purchases I made over twenty years ago! Hey, that gives me an idea for ya: "Jessie's Junkmail" :-)


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