Sunday, August 13, 2017

While My Blog Gently Weeps...Again.

My sympathies go out to all of the dead or injured in Virginia during demonstrations brought on by the KKK/Nazi inspired "Alt Right."

Of course after it all was over "45" (Trump) blamed "both sides."

At any rate, the whole affair speaks volumes on the real threats we face as the transgender, LGBT nation. An example were the death threats received by a transgender woman and her husband at an Amazon facility in Kentucky,

Lets be careful out there!


  1. First of all, they are NOT alt.right. They are your home grown USAian terrorists.

    Those USAian terrorists invaded that US city simply because that state and that city in that state had the temerity to remove traitorous symbols.

    As for the inactions of number 45 after it was all over, that's Business as usual, since number 45 actively relied on the stupidity of those terrorists and their sympathizers to gain control, and hold control, of the WH.
    Because of that, the corpor-rat career criminal politicians infesting the Capitol Building in your Congress and Senate, cannot afford to easily and simply get rid of number 45 due to too many votes being lost if they try such a move. And it is THEIR unspoken support of number 45 that is preventing an impeachment from being able to proceed at a decent pace.

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